Vehicle Monitoring and Analysis Services

Where is my freight? When will it be delivered? How soon will your driver be here? These questions are among the most frequent questions asked in the transportation industry. Expert Software Solutions and Telefleet provide you with a solution that will help you to shine with your customers.

Here is what you’ll have at your fingertips with our GPS System: Real-time ability to see where each truck in your fleet is located, regardless of where in the Sultanate or any other country they may be traveling Ability to select the route your driver is to take to get to the destination.

The system will include an in-cab interface devise that will allow you to push routing, route changes and related information directly to your driver and vehicle. State Mileage reports giving you accurate mileage data within each state your fleet travels for HSE reporting. An Asset Tracker, Mount it to your trailers and generators so you will always know where your assets are as well. (The Asset Tracker is a fully contained unit with a 5-7 year battery life.)

Have ongoing engine diagnostic reports in addition to mid-level diagnostic capabilities. Avoid down time with blown engines, transmissions or electrical problems. Monitor speed and idle times to reduce fuel costs. In the event of accident litigation, demonstrate proof as to the location and speed of your vehicle. Expert Software Solutions is a complete package for the transportation industry. Ask your Expert Software Solutions representative for a complete listing of benefits we bring to you.