API usage exampleUsing Firefox « RESTClient »RESTClient is a simple addon that you can use to try web-services based methods. You can get it here:  https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/restclient/After restarting the browser, a new icon will be available in the toolbar:Clicking this button will lead you to the following screen:You can then follow the steps below to test the API:1.   Click the “Authentication -> Basic Authorization” menu, fill the form with your application account credentials (your account must be granted with the “Web-service” right) and click the “Okay” button:   

3FAQ API usage example 12/03/2015 - AW2.   Fill the “URL” parameter with the API URL you have been provided (the default URL is https://apiom.telefleet.com:444) followed by the method and parameters you want to use:In this example I requested the information of the vehicle 20962 (vehicle ID); which is a unit available for my account. (Don’t try this ID with your account, it won’t be available!).3.   Click the “SEND” button.You will see the response information in the “Response Body (Raw)” tab You can also click the « Response Body (Highlight) » tab to get a better formatted result. 

4FAQ API usage example